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Hello there again, do you ever see someone post or show you text that upside down? one day i got that text. I wonder how they do that. It amazing right? So, i spend all my night at that day to search how they do that. Today my search is complete. I think i can name it flipped widget.

Original (Put your text here)

Flipped: (text that has been flipped)

just copy and paste the text to your blog or your website. Hope you enjoy :)

How to make animated picture without software

This entry i want to show you how to make animated picture without have using a software. The picture above is an example. Just for fun.. haha... firstly open THIS SITE in new tab (using middle mouse or Ctrl + click mouse).

Jyoou no Kyoushitsu aka The Queen's Classroom

Hye allz. Today i want to tell you about Jdorama that i have finish watching it. Jyoou no Kyoushitsu or known as The Queen's Classroom. This story about elementary school children who challenge a devilish teacher. This drama started with class grade 6/3 where they got a new teacher. This teacher is very strict and dicipline that will punished every student that disobey her. At the first rate all students in that class hate her and try everything to get rid of her. But at the end they all realise that the teacher is doing for their good. Firstly, i think she is really a devil teacher but at the end realise that she a good teacher. But, at the end also its only a drama and i recommended you to watch it. This drama is publish around July 2005. pretty late for me to watch it.. haha. This time i got none of download link also. sory.. but if you find it just tell me.

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