m38 at cherating

Cherating is 3 popular beach in Pahang Malaysia. It is a paradise of white sandy beaches and tropical coastal forests integrated with swaying coconut palms and pines. And therefore it is not surprising that some of the most popular and renowned beaches in West Malaysia are found in Pahang. Cherating is located about 47 km north of Kuantan Pahang.

That is introduction about Cherating. But my post here is not about cherating. It is about our trip at Cherating. Whos involve? What is m38 on my title?

This is story about me and my housemate. Last Saturday we went to cherating for bbq to celebrate abang salman because this sem is the last day he will stay with us. After that he will take LI. All the best to him. Firstly i would like to introduce my housemate.


This is picture of my housemate. i really regrett that one of our member not in picture Hafiz because he become cameraman. I think i want to introduce them but i fell like lazy la.. haha...


As Usual, we start with cooking, menu today is "ayam bakar" and "ikan bakar". Before that we already cook rice and "nasi goreng" at home. They all look buzy.. haha.. what im doing?? take picture la.. haha. After that, eating time....

Alhamdulillah, thanks to god, im full... DELICIOUSSS... haha... dont be jelous... After eating, than the last event.... Swim la... haha...

Really tired you know.. Fuhh...

Show from abang Salman.. Perghh...  amazing.. i wish i could do that but...... imposible for me.. haha

This is crab that has been cough by mat.. pretty ha? we want to take it home but there is no enough room for it.. haha. so at the end we just release it. Thats all from me, sorry for the lack of my languange and for using broken english.. See ya..


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