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Hello Allz... This entry i want to share to you one of the best strategy game that i has play recently. I already win this game so many times. I also include Cheat Code for this game for you. It is really interesting when using cheat code after you have win this game so many time.This game has win BEST STRATEGY GAME AWARD IN 2004.


Press the tilde (~) key and enter these codes to use them. All codes are case sensitive. Make sure to capitalize family member names, settlement names, and anything else that needs capitalizing or else it will likely to not work. All codes have a limited use if you are using patch 1.2 or lower. If you use patch 1.3 or higher you may have infinte uses. If you have patch 1.2 and wish to use a specific code again you need to exit the program and restart it. To download patch 1.3 and higher download HERE

give_trait "character" "trait" "level number"
Allows you to give any trait your faction can have to a specific general.
process_cq "settlement name"
Anything in the city's building queue will be built automatically.
add_population "settlement name" "amount"
Allows you to give a city more population automatically. Max amount is 4000.
add_money "amount"
Gives you the specific amount of denarii you want. Max amount of 40000.
Toggles on or off the fog of war. You can see the whole world map when inputted.
auto_win "attacker/defender"
When at the battle scroll, input this code in, attacker if attacking, defender if defending and press auto retaliate button. Automatically wins.
Create a unit of Yubtseb Elephants
Enemy's walls collapse.
create_unit "general's name" "unit name" "#"
Add units to selected general. Example "create_unit "Gaius Julius" "roman velite" 2 "
invulnerable_general "general's name"
Make the general invulnerable, may only work on battlefield
Turns off both enemy and ally AI
create_building "city" "building name"
Creates a building in the named city.
give_trait "General/FamilyMember" "Trait" "Level"
gives a general/family member a trait instantly
create_unit "Settlement/Unit" "unit name" "Amount" "experience" "defences" "attack"
creates unit in a place or unit instantly with experiences/defence/attack if put
process_cq "CityName"
Completes the construction instantly of any town/city

There is some possible for you that when you push tilde button console did not appear. If that Happen do this.

first, you go to the folder name "data". Its located at your game directories.
now go to the folder "text".
use a standard text editor (like notepad/word etc.) to open "descr_shortcuts"
go down until u see "misc." (at the start of the line) . To make easier use Ctrl + F to find it.
there should be a line with "show_console" here, and it says "hidden" behind it.
remove "hidden" and save the file

start Rome: Total War, go to OPTION>>>> CONTROL SETTING and press reset to default
there should now be a line "show debug console" in the list of misc. controls
set whatever key u like to it, press the key during the game, and there you go, a nice console



password :

Disclaimer: This Game Not Be Upload By Me. I Will Not Take Responsible For What Has Been Upload.


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